Human Resources

There are four categories of employees based on pay type--Academic, Monthly, Salaried and Hourly. Academic employees are those appointments on 9-month (academic year) contracts. Academic employees on 12-month contracts (fiscal year) are paid as monthly employees. Exempt employees are also included in the monthly category. Salaried employees are non-exempt employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Hourly employees are temporary and student workers.

Please do not allow anyone to work until all appropriate hiring paperwork has been completed, including the I-9 and Background Investigation. Incomplete and incorrect I-9 information will result in hiring delays and could result in fines from Immigration and Naturalization Service. UGA requires that all offers are contingent upon a successful background investigation.

All categories of employees are subject to the nepotism policy (employment of relatives). UGA’s policy relating to nepotism provides guidelines which do not allow employees to influence the hiring, supervision, promotion, or compensation of a relative. The nepotism policy is available at this link.

The Office of Business Affairs staff will provide you information and help relating to HR and payroll questions. The Office of Business Affairs must be informed when an employee under any of the categories mentioned above is planning to leave the College. This will allow the Office of Business Affairs to make sure that the Department has completed the necessary paperwork and to take the concerned employee off payroll.