Regular Grant Accounts

Once a proposal to an external sponsor has been selected for award, in most cases the sponsor will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) and UGA OVPR’s Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP). Some negotiation may be required prior to the actual award. OSP is responsible for negotiation of award terms, but will include the PI to make sure technical terms and project deliverables are acceptable.

When the award is finalized, OSP will check that all compliance requirements are met and then UGA Finance and Administration’s Contracts & Grants Division will create a restricted account number. A system generated email from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) will then be sent to the PI, College of Pharmacy Grants Coordinator and College of Pharmacy Post-Award Accountant.

Expenditures on a restricted account should be related to the scope and mission of the project and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. Hiring of personnel must also follow established UGA policies and procedures. Ultimately the PI is responsible for all transactions, but staff in the PI’s department and in the College of Pharmacy’s Office of Business Affairs are available to provide support and facilitate processing.

Account status reports are sent to the PI monthly, but if you need a report before then, please let us know. Some questions about status reports are answered here: Account Status Report FAQs

Flexibility in moving funds amongst budget categories varies among sponsors. Consult with the Office of Business Affairs or the Grants Coordinator if there are questions. For post-award changes, like no-cost extensions and change of PI, contact the Grants Coordinator.

UGA Finance and Administration’s Contracts & Grants Division is responsible for most financial reporting and invoices to the sponsor.

UGA Foundation Accounts

During the year the Dean allocates funds from the UGA Foundation to faculty based on proposals requested. Funds are transferred to UGA from the foundation to accounts set up for the purpose. These funds must be spent based on the intention of the donor in the Trust agreement by the period specified (generally no later than the end of the fiscal year). Any unspent balances return back to the foundation and are re-invested. UGA will not allow certain expenses, like entertainment expenses, to be charged to these UGA accounts. These requests must be sent directly to the foundation through a check request prepared by the Dean's Office.

Contact Us

College of Pharmacy Post-Award Accountant – Caitlin Baerne (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))