Budget & Accounts

The College of Pharmacy’s budget development process for the next fiscal year begins with the start of the calendar year. Detailed information relating to budget development, implementation and control for state and income accounts along with the UGA Budget Development schedule are found on the Budget Division website. The total budget allocation for the College of Pharmacy for FY 2015-16 is about $30.0 million. This includes state, income, grant and foundation accounts.

The Office of Business Affairs deals with four types of University accounts--state, income, sponsored and foundation. Each type of account has guidelines for allowable expenditures. Please contact the Office of Business Affairs for more guidelines. Transfer of funds between the same type of accounts is generally possible while transfers from one type of account to another is usually not possible: for example, it is not possible to transfer state funds to a income or grant account.

Fiscal year 2015-16 budgets have been allocated to various departments within the College of Pharmacy at the beginning of the year. All funds allocated must be spent based on UGA policies, procedures and deadlines.

All expenditure and income transactions relating to departments within the College of Pharmacy must be processed through the Office of Business Affairs. The Business Affairs staff will make sure that UGA policies and procedures are being followed and that accounts being updated have sufficient balances. The Office of Business Affairs monitors balances on a daily basis. Regular monthly status reports of budgets vs. actual and unspent balances are provided to the College. Departments and faculty must bring to the attention of the Business Office any discrepancies within 60 days of a misposting or error. This will allow the Office of Business Affairs to make sure necessary adjustments are made in a timely manner.