Svein Øie, 706-542-1914

Associate Deans

George E. Francisco, Jr., 706-542-3543

Assistant Deans

Michael Bartlett, Interim Assistant Dean for Nontraditional Education and Outreach, 706-542-5390
Lori J. Duke, Division of Experience Programs, 706-542-5315
Susan Fagan, Augusta University Program, Augusta, 706-721-0130
M. Iqbal Khan, Southwest Georgia Clinical Campus, Albany, 229-312-2152
Ray Maddox, Southeast Georgia Campus, Savannah, 912-819-7715
Alan Wolfgang, Office of Student Affairs, 706-542-7287

Department Heads

Dexi Liu, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, 706-542-7385
Bradley G. Phillips, Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, 706-542-7400


Michael Fulford, Assessment, 706-542-5316
Kim Hamby, Alumni Affairs, 706-542-4536
Melissa Hunter, Finance and Administration, 706-542-3673
Mickey Montevideo, Public Relations, Marketing and Communications, 706-542-5303
Dana Strickland, Office of External Affairs, 706-542-5293